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Meteorological Solution for road Winter Maintenance

Automated weather support system ASMO for road transport is one of the main elements of a modern decision support system for winter maintenance of highways

Creating ASMO is a necessary step in planning the organization of work and introduction of modern technologies to improve safety on the roads and increase their capacity.


AIMS «MeteoTrassa» for road provide road maintenance services with necessary meteorological information and data about the state of the road surface, promoting the adoption of effective solutions for road maintenance in adverse weather conditions and optimizing the use of deicing substances and thus saving the Environment.

Main features

  • Warnings of severe weather (winter slipperiness, precipitation)
  • Specialized weather forecast on road
  • CCTV - additional source of information on the state highway

Thermal Mapping of roads is used for getting information on the status of the road surface not only in the installation sites of Road Weather Stations, but also all over the roads, as well as for more detailed prediction of road conditions.

The full development of ASMO for Road Weather Support includes expansion of the Road Weather Station network, getting the from a Network of Synoptical Station and Weather Radars, from Satellites and Thermal Mapping Data.

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