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AIMS «MeteoTrassa» for roads

The AIMS «MeteoRoute» is intended for providing the service of road maintenance with timely specialized meteorological information. The information provided by the system allows the road servicing organizations to have reliable evidence on weather conditions and their change and prepare in advance for dangerous phenomena and undertake preventive measures using modern technologies for winter maintenance of roads.

Structure char AIMS «MeteoRoute»


  • Automation of the highway state control,
  • Issuance of warnings about dangerous meteorological phenomena at highways,
  • Specialized forecast of winter slipperiness at highways
  • Provision of users with operational meteorological information and data on the highway cover state

Used data

  • Data of the network of road weather stations (RWS),
  • Data of the network of weather radars (WR),
  • General forecasts of prognostic centers (CGMS),
  • Video-images from a network of video-cameras.

Functions performed

Types of displaying information

AIMS «MeteoTrassa»

Plot for the current 24 hours

Depiction of the data archive


Due to a flexible architecture it is possible to add different components and expand the system.

Communication channels



As of 1 June 2017, 22 AIMS «MeteoRoute» were installed at the highway management bodies of 12 subjects of the Russian Federation.

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