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AIMS «Weather»

The automated information measuring system (AIMS) «Weather» is intended for automation of the process of observations and data processing at the meteorological stations of the ground observation network.

Use of the AIMS «Weather» at the meteorological stations increases the reliability of information on meteorological values due to application of new technologies and an objective character of the observation and processing results significantly reducing errors of personnel.

Used data

For measuring the meteorological values, sensors and secondary converters, recommended for use over the meteorological network, are applied.

The Completion of the system includes atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity and wind speed and direction sensors. The system allows connection of additional sensors including solar radiation sensors.

The meteorological values are measured in the remote sensing mode with data transmission via the cable communication line to the central unit.

In the absence or failure of sensors all parameters are entered by operator manually.


Types of displaying information


The AIMS «Weather» consists of the measuring and computation (central facility) components with a customized software package. The measuring component includes measuring converters and sensors.

The main equipment for the central unit of the AIMS «Weather» includes a minimum configuration computer with expansion cards (multiplexer 4RS232), uninterruptible power supply source UPS, modem, printer. The computer characteristics should not be less than Р-IV 2.4GHz, RAM 256Mb, HDD 40Gb, video, LAN, CD 52x.

Data transmission channels

The operational and regime reports from the AIMS «Weather» are transmitted to the AIS «MeteoCenter» in the query mode from the Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (CGMS) via the following channels:


The AIMS «Weather» has passed the certification tests.
Certificate №KZ.02.01.00516-2020 of 14.02.2020 on approval of the type of measuring equipment.


The first installation of the AIMS «Weather» was in 1996. As of 1 April 2016, 202 systems of the AIMS «Weather» were installed over the network of the Hydrometeorological services of Russia and former Republics of the Soviet Union, and also over different Agency networks.

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