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AIS«MeteoExpert.РС SADIS»

Automated information system (AIS) «MeteoExpert. SADIS». Workstation is intended for receiving, processing, archiving and visualization of aviation meteorological information transmitted via channels of satellite system of distribution of aeronautical information of the second generation SADIS including that for preparation of pre-flight documentation by a forecaster at departures and information support of an aviation forecaster.

Main window

Used data

AIS «MeteoExpert. РС SADIS» allows working with all data types transferred by SADIS channels, which include forecasts of the World Area Forecast System (WAFS) in digital format as well as online meteorological information OРМЕТ in alphanumeric format. Makeup of WAFS forecasts is determined by Appendix 3 «Meteorological support to international air navigation» to Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chapter 3 and Appendix 2). Formats are determined by WMO document No.306 «Manual on codes».


Meteorological information received by SADIS system

  1. Digital prognostic data at uniform grid nodes (GRIB code) spaced at 1.25 by 1.25° at standard flight levels 050, 100, 140, 180, 240, 300, 340, 390, 450, 530 и 600 (850, 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 250, 200, 150, 100 and 70 gPa, correspondingly) for
    • wind;
    • air temperature;
    • air humidity;
    • geopotential altitude above ground;
    • maximum wind directions, speeds and heights;
    • tropopause heights and temperatures.

    Forecast intervals are 06, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 hours.
    Data are updated 4 times a day.
    Total data volume is about 40 MB a day.

  2. Significant weather forecasts SIGWX in a binary universal format of meteorological data presentation (BUFR code) at high and medium flight levels (FL 250 – FL 630 and FL 100 – FL 250).
    The following phenomena are forecasted:
    • masked MU;
    • clear air turbulence;
    • tropopause altitude;
    • tropical cyclones, sandstorms, volcanic eruptions and discharges of radioactive material;
    • stream flows.

    In accordance with Amendment 74 to Appendix 3 ICAO forecast of fronts is not transferred. Forecasts for medium flight levels are issued by WAFS only for limited areas in accordance with the regional air navigation agreement.

    Forecast intervals are 00, 06, 12 and 18 hours.
    Data are updated 4 times a day.
    Total data volume is about 2 MB a day.

  3. Significant weather forecasts SIGWX in prepared graphic form in PNG format as backup data in BUFR code.
    Data are updated 4 times a day.

    Graphic advisory information on volcanic ash issued by volcanic ash advisory centres (VAAC) of Anchorage, Buenos Aires, Washington, Wellington, Darwin, London, Montreal, Tokyo and Toulouse is also transferred in graphic PNG format.

    Data are transferred as available.
    Total data amount is about 5 MB a day.

  4. ОРМЕТ information in alphanumeric format, namely:
    • regular METAR aviation weather summaries;
    • selective special aviation weather summaries SPECI;
    • TAF forecasts on airdrome;
    • weather phenomena on the route, which can affect aircraft flight safety SIGMET;
    • AIRMET information;
    • GAMET zonal forecasts;
    • advisories on volcanic ash and tropical cyclones;
    • special reports from boards AIREP.

    Data are transferred as available.
    Total volume of data is about 10 MB a day.

Types of displaying information

Wind and temperature forecast

Significant weather (SIGWX) forecast
for medium levels

OPMET data, request of information
from additional sources

Icing forecast

In-cloud turbulence forecast

Volcanic ash advisory information in graphical format

Completing units

AIS «MeteoExpert. РС SADIS» is made up of a set of receiving equipment, workstation hardware, communications SW and end-user SW. Entry-level system comprises:

  1. Receiving equipment (in the order of signal passage)
    • satellite antenna;
    • feed system;
    • converter;
    • coaxial cable (recommended length not more than 75 m);
    • satellite modem (only demodulator);
    • specialized router-decoder for SADIS .

    Ensures receiving of satellite signal, its decoding and transfer to LCN under TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocols.

  2. Workstation hardware:
    • PC. Ensures data receiving via LCN, archiving and visualization.
  3. Communications SW. Ensures receiving and archiving of data.
  4. End-user software. Ensures data visualization and other user operations with data.

In this list, standard non-specific equipment is omitted (hub/switch, UPS, lightning protection, printer etc.).

Communication channels

AIS «MeteoExpert. РС SADIS» ensures data exchange with the following communication channels:


AIS «MeteoExpert. РС SADIS» meets the requirements of ICAO Group on operation of SADIS SADISOPSG .

Additional information on SADIS system can be found on the web site of the Meteorological Bureau of the United Kingdom MetOffice .

Detailed description of SADIS system can be found in SADIS User Manual on the web site of ICAO Group on SADIS operation .

Web site address of the International Satellite Communications System ISCS (component of Aviation fixed service AFS of ICAO together with the European system SADIS ensuring global satellite WAFS data dissemination) of the National Meteorological Service of the USA:


As of 1 June 2017, 7 AIS «MeteoExpert. РС SADIS» was installed.

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