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About us

IRAM exists as a separate legal entity from August 1991. In 2003 IRAM received state accreditation in the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology and is currently registered also as a research organization of the Russian Federation in the field of meteorology.

License № 338-1322 certifies that IRAM
is a member of the Leningrad Chamber of Commerce

License № 5348 certifies that IRAM
as a scientific organization has state accreditation.

IRAM developes, manufactures and deliveres modern technologies of meteorological support for various industries.

Range of products of IRAM gives the possibility to fully implement these technologies into practice. For example, IRAM can offer and install turnkey systems of meteorological support for ICAO III Category Airports, systems of meteorological support for integrated ATC centers, systems of meteorological support system for road administrations, systems for meteorological observation for Regional Centers of Hydrometeorological Services.

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of Russian Federation № 1243, dated August 25, 2008 technologies on monitoring and forecasting of the atmosphere and hydrosphere are assigned to the critical technologies of the Russian Federation.

For manufactured equipment and systems IRAM has all necessary licenses, certificates and permits of Rosstandard, Interstate Aviation Committee, Russian Building Ministry and and Ministry of Transport and Roshydromet.

The design and manufacture of products of IRAM corresponde to the quality management system that is certified in compliance with international and national requirements of ISO 9001-2001.

IRAM specialists participate on regular basis in retraining and training, organized by companies manufacturing meteorological equipment.

IRAM also organizes on annual basis training sessions for clients on equipment and systems.

All major scientific and technological development issues are resolved by the Science and Technology Council of IRAM.

Group IRAM

IRAM employs about 50 people, 6 of them have a scientific degree. The average age of employees is 39 years. IRAM employs many young people in addition to the employees who have long experience in the meteorology (many of the worked already for the Hydrometeorological Service of the Russian Federation in the times of Soviet Union).

IRAM operates in a convinient two-story building (owned by IRAM) in Voeikovo, near St. Petersburg

IRAM regularly participates in Russian and international exhibitions and conferences on Hydrometeorology and transport.

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