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AIS «Climate of airdrome»


AIS AIS «Climate of airdrome» is designed to produce the aerodrome climatological summaries, charts, annual and diurnal variations of aerodrome climatological characteristics.

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AIS provides the user with the following functions:

  • Convert archives automated weather stations airdrome «KRAMS-4», «MIDAS-600 and «MIDAS-IV» in a spreadsheet format Microsoft EXEL;
  • View and edit spreadsheets, Microsoft EXCEL;
  • Formation of climatological summaries in the form recommended by the WMO and ICAO to serve the international aviation;
  • Formation of climatological summaries in accordance with RD 52.21.692-2007 Requirements for the climate descriptions airdrome;
  • Viewing and printing of climatological summaries.

Used data

Long-term data of electronic archives of automated meteorological stations, airport, previously converted to text format spreadsheets, Microsoft EXCEL. For AWOS «KRAMS-4», MIDAS-600 and the MIDAS-IV converter is supplied with AIS. For the remaining stations similar converters can be developed.

In case of the absence of automated stations, the data can be prepared manually in a text format spreadsheets, Microsoft EXCEL.

Data format is described in detail in the Guide to MAINTENANCE and may be obtained by any user on request.


Recommended use of technology

AIS «Climate of airdrome» can be used at any airport. The optimal technology is the use of AIS in the meteodologica reference group of Aviation Meteorological Center. All the airports included in the zone of responsibility of AMC, should supply the raw data in a defined format and send files annually with the original data in the spreadsheet in Microsoft EXEL AMC. The calculation of climatological summaries for all airports are performed by Methodist of AMC. Ready climatological summaries are sent to the airport for the annual renewal of climate descriptions.

Such technology allows to provide annual update descriptions at minimal cost to the software, hardware and training. The calculation of climatological summaries in the AMC can improve their quality through the calculations of highly qualified specialists. In addition, the proposed technology is an element of quality management system meteorological support, as it allows specialists to monitor the work of AMC subordinate AMSG by incoming data.

Training of the Methodists of AMC is organized annually in IRAM.


The first installation of the AIS «Climate of airdrome» took place in 2002. As of 1 June 2012, 22 AIS «Climate of airdrome» were installed.

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