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AWOS «KRAMS-4» for heliports

MiniKRAMS is intended to measure and gather meteorological information about the main parameters of the atmosphere at helipads, ships, icebreakers, offshore platforms, process this information, the formation of weather reports, maps, registration and dissemination of information through communication channels to ensure the take-off and landing aircraft.

Main window

Used data

MiniKRAMS measures the following meteorological parameters:

  • Atmospheric pressure;
  • Air temperature;
  • Relative humidity;
  • Wind speed and direction;
  • Meteorological optical range;
  • Height of clouds.
  • Manual input of meteorological parameters (which are not measured) is possible, as well as manual input of meteorological parameters in case of failure of sensors.


There is the possibility to install a Completion of additional equipment to meet the needs and capabilities of a particular installation site (for example: sea wave sensors, thunderstorm sensor, gauges the intensity and rainfall, weather sensor, etc.).

Equipment (fixed version)

Equipment (mobile version)

Communication channels

Data can be transmitted by leased line, radio channels, satellite channels (for remote sites), etc.


As of 1 March 2017, MiniKRAMS were installed on 61 helicopter platform, ships and drilling platforms in the following countries: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

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