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Weather radiolocation is the main means of receiving information on cloud cover, precipitation and related hazardous weather with urgency and spatial resolution necessary for a very short-range weather forecast and storm warnings, meteorological support of transport (air or land) and functioning of infrastructure of large cities and large industrial centres.

Value of radar data increases significantly, when data of several radars are combined and «cross-linked» (composite) charts are constructed. In this case, it is possible to conduct an operational follow-up of the development of synoptic scale processes (atmospheric fronts, squall lines, precipitation areas) with information update interval of about 10-180 min.

The basis of the Automated meteorological radar network (WS «MARS») in the territory of the RF and CIS states are automated meteorological radar system (AMRC). At present, WS «MARS» receives and processes data of the following automated radar systems: AMRS «Meteor-MeteoCell», AMRS «Meteocell», ACS WR, AKSOPRI.

Workstation of automated weather radar network (WS «MARS») is an automated workplace for compiling a series of combined charts on the basis of data from several (two or more) AMRS and the use of radar meteoinformation for preparation of very short-term forecasts and storm warnings of hazardous weather related with cumulo-nimbus cloud cover (Cb) and precipitation fields.

Used data

Workstation MARS ensures receiving radar data in the international code FM 94 BUFR. Use of international code for exchanging data allows using data of different radar data suppliers for constructing composite charts.


  1. automated receiving of information from isolated AMRS via MECOM network in code FM-94 BUFR (creation of radar data archive for each AMRS),,
  2. combination of observation data from several AMRS (creation of an archive of composite charts),
  3. possibility of using AMRS for compilation of composite charts,
  4. data retransmission from isolated AMRS to other workstations,
  5. selection of any geographic area for viewing composite charts,
  6. forming outlines of weather hazards for transferring to AS ATC in online operation mode,
  7. screen displaying and printing of Storm warning table with information on hazardous weather,
  8. keeping an archive of radar data of WS «MARS»,
  9. viewing of archive in animation mode,
  10. presentation of information in the form of charts with distribution of meteoobjects and their radar characteristics in a horizontal plane (size of display cells 4 km*4 km, number of colour gradations – 16.)
    • charts of weather events,
    • charts of meteoobjects radio echo top heights,
    • charts of meteoobjects reflectability in 11 layers,
    • charts of hazardous weather,
    • charts of hazardous weather outlines,
    • charts of squall velocities outlines,
    • charts of visibility in precipitation,
    • charts of precipitation rate,
    • charts of icing in clouds,

  11. presentation of information as charts with distribution of meteoobjects and their radar characteristics in a vertical plane
    • charts of vertical section of radio echo intensity and weather events along an arbitrary section,
    • charts of icing along an arbitrary section,
    • vertical profile of radio echo in the selected square 4 km*4 km (as a table),

  12. possibility of superposing «substrates» on any of the combined charts (horizontal section)
    • plan of air side,
    • meteostations – HMS ShK (ШК) network,
    • basement topography,

  13. printout of composite charts,
  14. possibility of viewing data of each isolated AMRS.

Types of displaying information

Chart of weather events
Chart of weather events
Chart of weather events and lightning station data
Chart of weather events and lightning station data
Chart of overlapped data
Chart of overlapped data

Chart of radio echo heights
Chart of radio echo heights
Outlines of weather hazards
Outlines of weather hazards
Storm warning
Storm warning

Completing units

The system comprises customized software, computer, uninterrupted power supply UPS, printer and modems (if dedicated telephone communication lines are used).


As of 1 June 2017, 107 WS «MARS» were installed in the network of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The Network of the observations is presented 48 complexes AMRK

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