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Meteorological Solutions for Aviation

IRAM offers a full-scale Aviation Meteorological Support System ASMO, it ensures the work of the airport in terms of meteorological service in accordance with ICAO requirements for airport equipment categories I-III.

ASMO has a modular structure with maximum autonomy for each module. This allows for gradual build-of ASMO with increasing requirements for meteorological support.

Set of ASMO for helipads, ships and drilling platforms

AWOS «KRAMS-4» for heliports

Set of ASMO for big airports

AWOS «KRAMS-4» for airdromes

MSC «MeteoTelex»

AIS «MeteoConsultant»

Different solutions of ASMO are made taking into account ICAO recommendations, National Guidelines (AP-139 AP-170, NMOGA-95, PEMOA-86) and national practices of meteorological support for aviation.

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