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AIS «MeteoCenter»


  • Timely receiving of operational information from a network of stations and delivery to users.
  • Provision of different types of meteorological information both for the current and past periods to users due to maintaining the archives of data received for each station.

Used data

The AIS «MeteoCenter» receives information from a network of automated meteorological and hydrological station equipped with AS MAWS and from manned stations equipped with AIMS «Weather».


The system includes a special software package, PC with expansion cards (multiplexer 4RS232, network interface card), uninterruptible power supply UPS, modems and printer.

The AIS «MeteoCenter» allows simultaneous handling of 10 communication channels. The maximum number of meteorological stations connected to the AIS «MeteoCenter» is 50.


Communication channels

The system operates in the station query mode. Query of stations is performed both in accordance with the schedule and by a manual query of any station at a random moment of time.

The AIS «MeteoCenter» provides data collection via the following channels:

The AIS «MeteoCenter» interacts and performs information exchange with the Hydrometeorological Service Administration and/or other centers for operational meteorological information collection of the Automated Data Receiving System Network (ASPD) (MECOM network with MTS and UniMAS hubs) via the communication lines using standard exchange protocols (of the TCP/IP type).

Панель приёма данных


Tests of the connected component for interaction of the AIS «MeteoCenter» with the other ASPD centers for operational meteorological information collection (soft-hardware complex MSC «MeteoTelex») were carried out at the Main Radio-Meteorological Center (GRMC). Statement of 15 November, 2000, GRMC, Moscow


The first installation of the AIS «MeteoCenter» was in 2004. As of 1 June 2017, 14 AIS «MeteoCenter» systems were installed in the following countries: Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russia.

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